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Just a little about us...

      Puppy Power Pet Salon is a full service pet grooming salon in Lexington, NC (near the Welcome area).  We offer services to dogs and cats of all breeds.  At Puppy Power Pet Salon we take the time to get to know your pet and their specific needs while they are with us.  We feel like if your pet is comfortable and happy with us then their grooming experience will be much more pleasant for them.

      The salon has expanded and we continue to grow to meet all of your pet care needs!  Our location offers a more professional atmosphere and a safer environment for your pet.  It features an open area where everything is in full view.  The equipment is state-of-the-art with your pets safety first in mind.  The new salon has several cage banks to house pets within the groomers view for their comfort and safety.  The new kennels for small to medium size dogs feature lighted units with air conditioning to make your pet more comfortable. The tub is equiped with anti slip mats and leash cables to keep your pet securely inside during their baths.  The tub is stainless steel which ensures a healthy and clean bathing experience, we also use the Davis Pro bathing system that exfoliates your pets skin and coat to ensure a clean coat and healthier skin.  Drying is done by heatless blowers and fans to eliminate the risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.  We utilize a ClipperVac system to keep hair and dander to a minimum. We now have larger kennels that are perfect for the largest of pets and an outdoor play area that is fenced in with a new 6 foot chain link fence.  At Puppy Power Pet Salon you can rest assured knowing that each and every pet is handled by people who truly love and adore animals.

       A little about me...my name is Azure Wyatt. I have three children and a loving husband who are all very supportive of my new found profession. My four legged family includes my Collie, Sam; Australian Shepherd, Star; Standard Poodles, Toby & Angel; and Maltese, Chase & Maggie!  Also our two shop kitties, Kitticoo & Pinkie (the pink kitty)! That's me in the picture above holding Toby, on of my Standard Poodles.  I completed the grooming courses at Davidson County Community College and I am a member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America.  I continue to further my education by taking courses and seminars on pet grooming and pet care.   During the summer months and during school holidays my children will also be helping to care for the animals that are in our care.  My daughter is training to be a bather (supervised) and my son helps out around the shop with maintance and cleaning.  The salon is fully family owned and operated and we would love the opportunity to serve you and your pet.  We also have 2 others groomers that have joined the Puppy Power family, Tina Leonard & Stephanie Parks.

      Originally, I wanted to learn to groom my own pets, but the more I learned about the significant health benefits associated from good grooming habits, I decided to turn my love for animals and my new found knowledge into a full service grooming salon. That aspiration has now turned into a full scale grooming salon!  I love being able to provide the special attention that pet grooming offers. My salon offers a relaxing and loving grooming environment for dogs and cats of any age, size and/or temperament. I would welcome the opportunity to earn the trust of you and your pet.

Thank you,                                  

Azure C Wyatt                              


Dogs are not our whole life, but they definitely make our lives whole!


Puppy Power Pet Salon


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5 stars  Customer since 2012

Make this salon your first stop! I found Puppy Power after calling around Winston Salem looking for a place to take Dennis, my huge, long-hair, 20+ lb. Maine Coon cat (who thinks and looks like a dog). We are new to North Carolina and from past experience, I discovered some pet grooming salons will NOT accept cats, and those that accept cats charged us excessively for the privilege! The fee Puppy Power charges is very competitive. The staff is friendly and seems to relate well to all their furry customers. The shop is clean, easy to find, and parking is right at the front door so drop off and pick up is fast and convenient. My cat weighs the equivalent of about 3 bowling balls... carrying him from the car into a mall or from a massive parking lot was always a struggle until I found this shop. We have taken Dennis, my four-legged "son" to Puppy Power several times now because the staff is reliable. Most of all, I would NEVER leave Dennis anywhere that was not clean or trustworthy. When we get him back, he always smells good and look great! This is not a phony review. I am an actual unbiased customer and if this salon was not as good as we know they are, this would be a blistering review instead. Puppy Power is really a great place for cats or dogs. Can't beat that! Thanks for reading about my experience.

5 stars  Customer since 2010

I always love taking my girls to Puppy Power. Azure and her staff are so loving. I feel safe leaving them in their care to be groomed. After a grooming, I usually get a toy for my girls and they have more to choose from than the pet stores have PLUS the quality is better with comparable pricing. Thank you Puppy Power!!!

5 stars  Customer since 2009

Super job

5 stars  Customer since 2012

Puppy Power has done a great job with the dogs I've taken . They are extremely cooperative and strive to do what you request. Not long ago,I was very embarrassed to do this, but one of my dogs wasn't thinned enough and I couldn't get a brush through her wiry hair. They were very willing to redo her fur and it is so much better now since it was thinned out some more. I would definitely refer them to others. They are very personable and do their best to please you.

5 stars  Customer since 2012

Can't imagine trusting my baby to anyone else!

5 stars  Customer since 2012

I have been pleased with all of you and your services from the very beginning. I appreciate your patience with Lady, as she is so old and has health problems. She always looks so pretty after her grooming. I really like the friendliest of you and your staff and your cost for grooming is very reasonable. I have and will continue to recommend Puppy Power Pet Salon to everyone that have pets.

5 stars  Customer since 2012

Its the absolute best salon my little babies hv been in everyone is so special and careing......Azur is the BEST and we love you

5 stars  Customer since 2009

A super place to take your pet for grooming. Highly recommend. Very friendly an compassionate . Great job.